Our Business Landscape

BPO and BPM Services

10+ Global Customers

  • Multiple Verticals supported.
  • Proven Business Process Management approach delivering Value.

Infra & IT Services

6 Global customers

  • Managed Services.
  • Infrastructure Support.
  • Cloud Services for AWS , GCP and SFDC.

Product & Platforms

5 In-house Products

  • 140+ enhancements (Leading to 20% increase in client satisfaction scores).
  • 2+ Product releases.
  • 10 Major Product lines.

Our Performance

Managing to Maximize Performance

  • Standardized Playbook approach to drive consistency
  • Identifies issues & targets coaching against KPIs
  • Set and manage specific performance targets for: Individuals, Teams, Entire Program
Quality Assurance
  • Reports measure performance daily and weekly
  • Separate Q/A group monitors calls real-time
  • Agent Performance Specialist monitor calls
  • Clients monitor calls/ frequent calibrations
Client Services
  • Daily/weekly informal feedback
  • Weekly Business Reviews with Clients
  • Root cause problem solving
  • Identify gaps with performance
  • Agent Performance Specialist focus on coaching
  • Training designed to master every call
  • Identify concerns and provide value-driven training solutions
  • Develop Training Simulation scenarios to drive conversion
Performance Feedback Loop